Regulation of cannabis has had a positive impact on consumers. Growers, manufacturers, and retailers of cannabis products are now held accountable for the safety of those products. Consumers can easily determine what is and what isn’t in the cannabis products they get from a licensed dispensary because products are clearly labeled with potency and dosing information. This makes it easier and safer for consumers to enjoy their cannabis. Also knowing how much cannabis to take just became a lot easier.

10mg is the Recommended Cannabis Dose

Cannabis experts agree that a safe dose of cannabis is different for each individual. It’s determined by the individual’s unique system and previous cannabis experience. However, 3-5mg is considered a low dose, 15-25mg is a medium dose, while 25-50mg is considered a high dose. Cannabis law requires that cannabis products be clearly labeled with potency and dose information. Cannabis-infused chocolate bars, for example, are manufactured into 10mg (recommended dose) portions. This helps the consumer ingest the correct amount for the most positive experience. Other products such as hard candy and tinctures also take the guesswork out of dosing with precise formulas.

When in Doubt, Titrate

New cannabis consumers can benefit from titration. This involves taking the smallest dose initially. Then incrementally increase the dose each day until reaching the most beneficial dose for the circumstance. Research shows that through the process of titration, a lower cannabis dose can yield better results than larger doses.

The knowledgeable staff at Torrey Holistics is available to assist you with all of your cannabis dose questions and related needs. We even have a board-certified physician on site, Dr. Beth, Ph.D. Visit us at the store or online or to start the conversation.


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