Cannabis drinks are starting to make a splash in the cannabis edibles market. There area multitude of options available from coffee and tea, sodas, water and even non-alcoholic cabernet sauvignon. The luxury of cannabis drinks is that they allow the consumer to mix and match their beverages, with the limits only being their imaginations. Cannabis sodas blend wonderfully with cocktail mixers or non-alcoholic “mock-tails,” and the recipes are endless. But if you are not a cocktail or mixer kind of
person, and like the hoppy taste of California’s craft drink of choice, there is now an option for you!

High Style Brewing Co. offers California’s first handcrafted cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beverage. Crafted by brewmasters in San Diego, each bottle has the taste of a quality craft beverage with the experience of a smooth uplifting high. The perfect combination for the California lifestyle. The drinks use Cascade and Amarillo hops with notes of citrus and tropical fruit. The unique blend of hops combined with the recipe
experience of a brewmaster means that this cannabis drink actually tastes like a cCalifornia craft beverage. Each 12oz bottle contains 50 calories (significantly lower than the caloric intake of a traditional pale ale) and contains 10mg of THC. The single dosing for this cannabis drink is that each High-Style bottle is meant to be enjoyed like a traditional beer, making it an easy way to sip and enjoy as you are hangin’ out around
the pool without the inebriating effects of alcohol. A great way to lower your alcohol intake for the day so you don’t have the nasty hangover or “day-drunk drop” that can happen when you consume too much alcohol during the day and end up going to bed early.

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