According to studies done on rats CBD oil (Cannabidiol) has been successful in treating chronic pain. Rats treated daily with an oral dose of CBD oil for pain were studied with the overall goal of finding a therapy that provides relief from neuropathic and inflammatory symptoms. This success in rats is good news for humans seeking alternative medicine solutions to common ailments. The only way to know if CBD oil will help with your pain is to try it. Below are some things you should know to get started.

CBD oil for Pain, What Should I Know

There are some important things to know when you’re considering CBD oil as a pain relief treatment. First and foremost is the quality of the product. Do your research, ask your budtender, and don’t purchase the first thing you find on the internet.

CBD oil can be processed with toxic solvents. It can also be full of heavy metals and pesticides. It’s important to find a product that’s been manufactured with state of the art extraction processes. One to look for is Co2 extraction which has the ability to fraction away compounds from the plant material until there are only the desired compounds left behind.

Choose organic hemp or marijuana based CBD. Hemp, in particular, is known for being a bio-accumulator and is easily penetrated by soil toxins. Therefore, CBD oil will often test dirty and be potentially harmful if it’s not organically sourced.

People seeking a quality CBD oil for pain will benefit from understanding the importance of finding a formula that includes a percentage of THC. To understand this one must first grasp that the human body has an endocannabinoid system (neurotransmitter network) within it. This system is crucial to the balance and health of the human body. It has a network of CB1 and CB2 receptors that are activated by the cannabinoid compounds harvested from the cannabis plant to produce certain effects and regulate other bodily systems. THC bonds with CB1 to relieve pain and nausea, while CBD bonds with CB2 to relieve inflammation and regulate appetite, together they have an overall synergistic effect that’s proven effective relieving symptoms for people with a variety of pain related ailments.

Whole Plant Extraction is Most Beneficial

Whole plant extractions of CBD is reported to have the most benefit because it maintains the bulk of the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Studies out of Israel have shown that pure “single-molecule” CBD stops working when the amount of CBD exceeded a certain point, meaning that the dose range is very limited. However, whole plant extracts are not limited in this way.

Research is ongoing into the benefits of CBD oil for the human body. As scientists continue to unlock the cannabis plant, people pursue CBD oil products for pain relief. There is an overwhelming amount of CBD products available online which makes it more important than ever for consumers to verify the claims and the quality of any product they choose. The knowledgeable staff at Torrey Holistics can introduce you to quality CBD oil products, visit the dispensary or online.

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