If you are going to Comic Con with your bestie, why not pick up a Besties Kit from Beboe? This edible + disposable vape combo pack is perfect for visiting geeks (or aliens) here for San Diego Comic Con’s nerdvana. Most edible cannabis products fall under the classification of a “hybrid”, which happens when you process your cannabis into a refined oil for edible manufacturing. Beboe maintains the euphoric cerebral sensation of a sativa strain with a proprietary terpene blend, giving you a subtle, engaging, high-quality high. To help you get into the right mood, try watching one of the best Comic Con “bestie” buddy flicks, Paul. Like this cannabis kit, Paul + Beboe encompass everything fun and whimsical about nerds, best friends and Comic Con.

Beboe uses cold water hash to make their pastilles. This is a method of cannabis processing that gently separates the trichome glands from the cannabis plant. Trichomes are the tiny hair-like appendages that, when dried, look like a white dusting of powdered sugar crystals. Trichomes are the key to cannabis magic; this is where the plant stores cannabinoids and terpenes. When processed with ice water, you preserve the trichomes and molecules that provide a potent sativa-like effect you feel from smoking. Simply put, Beboe besties kit gives you a social and fun experience, not a heavy psychoactive high. Sit back and laugh at the antics of ET Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) while on the run from the FBI, as he makes friends and enjoys his last few days on earth. For an added experience, try to puff your Beboe vape every time Paul uses one of his ET abilities (invisibility, healing, knowledge transference). For the Jedi master level cannabis consumer, take a puff for every hidden Star Wars reference.

Each Beboe edible contains 5mg of THC and 3mg of CBD. Beboe Pastillles are great for the occasional cannabis user looking for a sparkling giggly sensation that makes you sociable and uplifted. The 3mg of CBD helps make the high smooth and enjoyable, without an intense cerebral quality. A bonus of using a sativa-dominant edible is the smooth transitional comedown that does not leave you or your bestie feeling tired. You can go out and hit the town, enjoying San Diego’s bustling nightlife after watching Paul take off in his spaceship. Great for sharing with your Bestie at Comic Con or enjoying a puff-puff-pass while enjoying downtown San Diego.


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